Paddy’s Day and Purim.

Lady Lynda observes Purim . A Jewish holiday commenerating the Bibical story of Esther.
Lady Lynda’s feelings were quite mixed. The woman thought of how festive Purim was On the other hand she felt sorry Auntie Carol couldn’t celebrate St Patrick’s day. Her colleage fondly reminesced about previous St Pat’s celebrations in the recent years The wearing of the Green The shamrock necklaces, the everybody is Irish March 17th. Being teetotalers they nixed the Green Bear. Unfortunately Her friend and professional partner situation took a turn for the worse. Her main concern was seeking a new apartment. She needed to move due to her health Lady Lynda felt a tingue of guilt looking forward to the Festival of Lots festivities at Bnai Emanual Reform.
Seymour Toze’s wife gleamed as she recalled the last couple years of the Jewish holiday at Bnai Emmanual. The woman beamed as she pictured the congregation children putting on their yearly Purim play. The prettiest preteen girl would play Esther. Her doting , caring uncle Mordecai woudl be portrayed by a thirteen year old boy slightly taller than the girl representing Esther. King Ashurasus and Arch villian Hamen being acted by other pre-teen boys at the Bnai Emmanual synagogue. They would reinact the eternal Biblical story in the book of Esther The Persian king’s wife disrespecting him Her husband couldn’t tolerate her wickedness. The Persian leader creating a contest to find the best woman to find his new wife. Esther wining the beauty contest sans the king knowing her true origins. In the meantime Mordecai believing he should not bow down to anyone except the LORD refuses to bown down to Hamen Hamen is totally incensed .He orders Esther’s uncle to be hung on the gallows. He states he’ll slay every Jew in Persia. Esther tries to tell her royal husband. Her spouse tells her he can’t break an order. But he can make a new one countering the original proclaimation He permits the Jewish populace to fight back. The result is the happy ending of the Jews being victorious in preventing disaster The entire crowd cheering Esther and booing nefarious Haman. Clapping and cheeriing the villian getting his commuppence.
Lady Lyndas looked eagerly forward to the latest Purim party at Bnai Emmanual. The woman gushed with delight as she gl eefully anticipated the story of Esther play given by the kids of the synagogue.
There she was the next day at Bnai Emmanual for the Purim fest. Lady Lynda and her husband SeymourToze happily found a seat near the front row. They were so glad the temple was reform and the women and men could sit together. It looked to the Toze’s both the grownups and the kids were joyfully anticipating the show.

The couple and other members soon saw how the kids really hammed it up as they once more reinacted the story of Esther and Purim their parents and other grownups gushed with pride. The costumes,especially Eshter;s beautiful emerald green dress with its turquoise and gold glued on sequins truly made the sweet little girl playing the heroine looked genuinely like a princess The congragents delighted in booing the villian Hamen They cheered on seeing the loving heroism of the boy playing Mordechai It was a fine time for everyone celebrating the festival proving the providence of the LORD Rabbi Samual Bernstein thanked everyone and wished them a happy , joyous Purim and to her Irish friends a joyous Saint Patrick’s Day

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