So Many Opportunities to be Close to Seymour.

February So many holidays to enjoy romantic evenings with Seymour.
“There’s Ground Hog Day, Candalmas, Presidents Day, Valentines Day Susan B. Anthony Women’s Rights day. Imbolc, TuBashet, Hindu, Buddhist and many more days of celebration including a holiday I created. Susan B. Anthony Day. February 15. That’s her birthday. To me its American Women’s Feminist Day. She was a founder of US feminism in the 19th Century. But my point is there are so many days to celebrate. Oh uh I’m not so sure about that Jewish holiday I feel such shame but knowing that but I’ m not clear if its a fast day. I better look it up in my Jewish Calendar. ” Lady Lynda intoned quite excitedly but still in a prim manner.
Lady Lynda always loved the month of February She gleefully smiled when she thought of the many holidays she could celebrate with her soul, sole mate Seymour Toze The woman fondly recalled how the second month was so beloved by her and Toze. It was the part of the year that celebrated their togetherness the most.
It wasn’t only so many special days but so many different kinds. They were both Jewish, the middle aged woman reminded herself but it was so much fun to be part of other traditions. It was a delight dining in the various ethnic restaurants. There was even the fact that three wholely different celebrations fell on the second day of February Mrs Toze reminded herself there was Christian Candalmas, WIccan Imbolc and good old US Ground Hog Day. There were Jewish, Christian, Catholic Christian, Orthodox Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan. Plus February fifteen was US Feminist Susan B. Anthony’s birthday.
Lady Lynda visualized a slow fade and the next thing she knew she and Seymour were transportedr to a local Irish eatery, Bridgid’s Bounty for breakfast. The completely befuddled woman gawked at the quaint cozy establishment She perused the menu, thinking of how being such a dear, devoted wife, she well deserved for husband to take her to this charming place.
The Celtic restaurant was decorated with real fresh Irish Shamrocks. The walls were a pleasant Kelly green On the white linen clothed square shaped tables were fresh gardenias in the center. There were two tall wax candles with the scent of Juniper. The chairs were dark brown wood and of a sturdy , simple design that stressed function much more than style They looke to be quite comfortable.
“Happy Imbolc my dear” exclaimed Seymour Toze with glee. This is such a special time for us. Its not often we go out for breakfast. But this being Imbolc I thought you’d be in the mood for authentic Irish Oatmeal. I know I am”

“How right you are Seymour. You read me loud and clear Did you know Brighid plays an important in the celebration of Imbolc? ”

“No I didn’t. Do tell my dearest” Lady Lynda sweetly demurred.
“DId you know this day is also know as Brighid’s day? It was on this day Badgers were used to predict the upcoming weather in the next couple weeks. Speaking of couple oh how us being a couple. Okay getting back to Bridhid’s day the use of using animals to predict the weather was I truly believe to be the start of Ground Hog Day. ”

“Oh my dear sweetypie Puxatawny Phil is not the first mammal to foretell what the day’s weathery conditions would be like??!!! I trust you’re not telling one of your many canards Seymour , his wifey asked somewhat puzzled . So I see that’s why you took me to Bridgid’s Bounty Not exactly Bridhid but close enough… ..I love being close to you my manly Seymour. I’m so happy you adore all of me and not just my ten pretties”

“Oh no my honey bunny this I swear is absolutely true. The German immigrants I think of the early nineteenth century took some of their pagan ways with them to PA Dutch country. Even though the vast majority practiced various forms of Christianity.

“I just know I want to practice being an even more grateful loving mate to you Seymour. The more I see you Seymour the more I love being with you. I’m looking forward our romantic interlude with you on February 10 Tu Bishvat, the Jewish Tree New Year””
“We’ll dine at a Jewish deli for that one:” commented Lady Lynda’s soul mate.

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