Lady Lynda discovers a Wonderful Christmas.

The prim middle aged woman perused the merchandise in the department store in the local mall She was shopping for holiday gifts for her family and close friends. She smiled as she hears the Christmas music. The decorative flashing red, green and yellow lights, wreaths, many Santa’s its such a festive time to her Her heart goes pitter patter as she smiles joyfully with the colorful festivities that surround her.

Lady Lynda’s resplendant white teeth were as bright as a thousand stars as she watched with glee the boys and girls runnng toward Santa Claus. Lady Lynda sighed with delightr as she remembered how the Christian kids acted so gleefully when ever they saw Santa in a mall.
Auntie Carol’s colleage suddenly noticed a little boy straggling from behind. It was not hard to figure why. He was wearing a leg brace. She grimaced as she felt a pang in her heart as she sympathetically watched the boy struggle to keep with the other kids.

The woman presumed the children with him were his classmates. She winced as she saw how the other children barely socialize with him. She forlornly remembered how she was odd girl out in grade school because she was so bashful She fondly recalled too when she took special speech lessons because of her difficulty in pronouncing certain consonent sounds. She felt much pride in the fact those speech lessons were the impetus of her making speeches throughout the US on the importance of good etiquette

Toze’s spouse smiled and her eyes sparkled when she observed one of the little girls slowing down to help the crippled boy. Mrs Toze beamed as she witnessed the girl helping the lame boy. She deliberately didn’t think of any jokes on being crippled because she thought that was way too lame. The woman felt pity for the wee small crippled boy His pathetic condition tore at her heart She wished she could do something about his dire plight. ished she could somehow make his Christmas bright. If only there was a way she prayed with all her might. Give him joy this magical night.

Lady Lynda felt a tear slowly drift down her right cheek as she ever so reluctantly reminded herself there was no official connection between her and any of the sprites in front of her. Her eyes became even mistier when she thought of how there didn’t seem to be any way she could bring holiday cheer to the dear urchins. If only there was way she pined.
Suddenly in the corner of her eye, Lady Lynda saw a gleam of section in the doll section. There were dolls that resembled boys and girls with physical disabilities. One such doll wore a knee brace on his left leg. He was made of a soft cuddly material with the sweetest of expressions on his face He looked to be the perfect gift for the physically disabled boy.
Now the issue mused Lady Lynda was how to give the toy to the boy. She thought too that issue was so much nicer, much less threatening, disturbing word than problem. Just then she thought of an even better word, challenge. Yes it certainly would be challenging to give a gift to a child who was a total stranger. How in the world would she overcome this hurdle?
Lady Lynda thought long and hard. If only she could find a way. She started to pray. Next thing she heard was the store was sponsoring a toy drive. The LORD works in mysterious ways i am so overjoyed He answered my prayers.
Toze’s better half was befuddled on where the direction of the voice on the loudspeaker was oming from. She gasped as she saw the little urchins about to leave the department store. She swiftly concluded there was no time to lose. If only she could find where that voice was. It seemed to her it was such a mysterious voice that sent shudders down her ample frame. It was a message she told herself. Now it was her duty to track down where it was.
Auntie Carol’s friend and colleage thought of how so much she wanted to give that little crippled boy that doll. But unfortunately she groaned not being capable of finding the source of the disembodied male voice keeping her from her goal.
The woman reminded herself that it was the winter holiday season and she so much wanted to give some sunshine to some worthy child. A child who would treasure the toy she would give him and play with it as if it was new member of his family.

“Yes I know he’d love that cripple doll. A soft cuddly boy that was just like him Lady Lynda hoped and prayed there was enough time to find that voice before the store closed. Time was getting short. She gasped as she saw on her cell the store would be closing soon. There was absolutely no wiggle room.
Lady Lynda ran at her top speed through out the halls of the first floor of the dept. store. She dashed through both the women’s and men’s clothing department including the juniors and plus sizes for female clothes. She gulped in disgust as the plus sizes reminded her of how miserable she was at reaching her weight goal. She huffed as she moved as swiftly as possible on her five feet two body with size sixteen frame. Well at least all this running was good exercise for her fitness goal she sighed.

The woman dashed through every department on the first floor. The shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories, jewelry section, the small appliances. the exercise equipment. Seymour Toze’s wife sighed as the machines reminded her she needed to be more active.
She hoped she could forgive herself if she didn’t find the source of the loudspeaker announcement before the children left, especially the crippled little boy. If only she could find where that voice was coming from?
Then as Lady Lynda was breathing heavily from exhaustion and about to give up she suddenly saw there in the center of the store a man talking over a loud speaker. There, that’s him. That’s him That’s him she yelled excitedly. Now she could breath a sigh of relief. She felt liberated . Her dream come true. Now she would walk on over and ask where to pick up the toy. Lady Lynda beamed. She would be in the true spirit of giving in the Christmas Hanukuh, Kwanzah , every other holiday celebrated in this holiday season.

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