Part 2 Grand Long Horn Hotel Encounter.

“Marry me you great big hunk of Texas manhood.”  the outlandish woman repeated to Dan D Walker.   We could live in my house.  I’m sure you’d feel right at home  My bedroom  contains a queen size Four Poster bed complete with a warm cozy comforter. Its warm earthy colors I know you’ll love. Just enogh room for the two of us.  I’m sure we’ll both feel so cozy in bed together.  And that’s only the beginning  I’m certain you know what I mean”

Her description of her sleeping area piqued Walker’s curiosity.  “What else you got in that bedroom of yours?” he drawled cautiously intrigued.   She was now becoming a teensy bi tmore appealing to him.   But just a teensy bit he firmly reminded himself.

“Well for one thing its very rustic.  The wall directly behind the good sized bed is made  of real oak wood paneling  Its from a tree native to the “Lone Star” state.   Its polished but it still looks really rugged.   The front posts are of knotty pine embedded in the wood wall.  Right on the wall is a rack made just for your favorite hunting rifle.  A big rugged man like you hunts?  Don’t you?  NRA all the way.  There’s lots of warm colored throw pillows that are the hues of  Autumn on a clear full moon night.  I’d love cuddling next to you  you epitomy of Texan masculinity   I bet your glorious manhood is as big as Texas.   I’d sure love to find out.  Us nekkid under that comforter.    Then when we get done our fun we can drink hot chocolate laced with Kentucky Bourbon.”

Dan D.  as he constantly did to get his thoughts together raised his head and stared with his lucid blue eyes , the night sky upon him and this wild woman.   He realized how late it was when he noticed the constellation “Orion” hovering over them.   It was as if the Greek myth character was looking down at them.   Walker wished that there was a guardian angel looking down at him.   Confused by his feelings toward the hussy made him recall how he recoiled in high school over public speaking class or debate class.  With his tongue tied way of speaking it was choosing between  listening to fingernails on a chalk board or a jackhammer only a foot away.

Yet despite his ambivalence the woman was starting to grow on him.  He couldn’t help noticing a part of him was growing too.    It wasn’t only what she said . He began to notice how sparkling her cornflower blue eyes were    How warm her smile was to him.   She did look as there would be a hell of a good time them being so close under the comforter.

“Okay Darlin’ show me what ya got   I’ll take you up on that offer.   Pour on the bourbon”


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