A Lady’s Dilemma

A Lady’s  Dilemma
 Auntie Carol sometimes marveled at the ease Herman Sherman shifted into Emma Enigma, his alter ego.  Herman was a hermaphrodite who had two separate identities, that of a man and that of a woman.  Herman was an A type male who was both brusque and kind.  He was a homebody who enjoyed all things, domestic, such as home cooked meals and quiet nights with a book and a snifter of Remy.  He adored Auntie Carol and showed it constantly by word and deed.  Herman, could be domineering at times but Auntie Carol never contradicted him outright but she did a water on stone metamorphosis on him.  She gently wore him down.  He was a very conventional man in the sexual sense or the “lay down: spread ‘em” school of sexuality.
Emma, his female personae,  was wry, witty, and perverse.  Nothing  got past Emma, who was preternaturally intelligent, could not be manipulated.  She liked the night life and wearing “glam” clothes,  sequins, velvet, furs and diamonds. Emma had a very watery sense of morality, a “whatever the traffic will bear” kind of thing.  She was distinctly a “Vogue” type of  person: while Auntie Carol was a “Lady’s Home Journal” kind of woman.
Auntie Carol pampered Herman with warmth and affection. She treated Emma like a bomb that needed diffusing.  Emma liked witty, bitchy games of wit and  to challenge everything Auntie Carol did. They often argued deep into the night until they both were physically exhausted, and eventually, they both erupted into tears. Then they would fall into each other’s arms swearing eternal fealty. Then  Emma would get into her Dominatrix garb, a gold sequined bustier, diamond studded garter belt, green hose and high boots.  And she would demand that Auntie Carol bake her a cherry pie, get her a dish of chocolate gelato, or kiss her boots.  Her demands were varied  and sometimes very humorous like mooning the nosy neighbors. She only tapped Auntie Carol on the back with her cat o’ nine tails never drawing blood.    After all the drama they made love like natives from the isles
 of Lesbos.

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