New Thrills for Lady Lynda and her husband Seymour Toze.

Both Lady Lynda, Seymour Toze felt quite mixed emotions thinking of the Rodeo.  Part of them were feeling it was an exhilerating experience.  Seymour especially liked the fancy scandily clad beauty queen baton twirlers  There was a pang of guilt too.  He justified himself by thinking he was only being true to his  manly nature.   Lady Lynda enjoyed the bronco riders, the clowns, the fancy horseback riders, everything except the pretty young women with barely any clothes on.

Yet with their enjoying there was a deep sense of guilt.  It was nothing to with anything regarding the show.  The concern was were they being frivolous. Was it okay for Toze to spend his hard earned wages. As it was now he worked two jobs.  One was a shoe salesman, pedicurist  the “Into Leather” shoe store. Plus his moonlighting as a fashion photographer of female models in open toed spikes and stilettos.  Yet he and his wife did deserve some enjoyment.  He recalled the saying that started with all work and no play.   He hoped for a solution

Seymore Toze sighed as he scratched his wispy burnt vermilion hued hair.  There must be a way out of this perplexing problem he morosely reflected.  He slightly grimaced in disapproval as he thought of how they were so consistent.  True they did go to the circus but that was so long ago. It just seemed that they were fated to watch their pennies. Not enjoy life.  Yet even with his pessimism Toze somehow felt the futre was not entirely bleak.  His mood was that of disapointment but there was an inkling of hope.

His wife Lady Lynda conversely saw the plight as a challenge.  It was her dutiful, wifely responsibility to come up with a idea for a way to enjoy themselves without breaking their budget  She clenched her fists in determination as she told herself she must be complete control of herself and never lose her thin spark of optimism, how ever little there was.  Just then like a sudden flash she decided to think of some entertainment possibilities

As she thought of them she beamed as her confidence gradually grew.  She quickly dismissed going to a professional sports game,  seeing a famous performer.  The half way decent seats were too expensive.  Going to the mall they could be tempted to overspend.  They could purchase items that could be impulse buys.  All that walking could be good exercise. It could get tiring too.  There must be a solution.  Suddenly she grinned as she experienced her aha moment.   They could go to the local pancake place and then see a bargain movie.  That would be absolutely perfect.  What a great idea!!! she proudly beamed.

“Seymour its perfection.   We can dine at the local pancake restaurant and then see a PG movie at our local movie theater.  Seymour’s wife waited eagerly for his response.  Her smiled turned to a frown as she saw the concerned look in his eyes.   It was not so much one of anger but of concern.   His limpid grey eyes zoomed into her’s as if they were missiles. He spoke slowly as if he wanted to make certain she understand. That she understood completely.
” Those teenaged hooligans use the F work as if its the only way to end every sentence. Its like their version of the period.” exclaimed Toze barely hiding his disgust.  And their parents should be ashamed of themselves for raising such ruffians.  Its true this country truly is going into a hell in a hand basket. No my sweetykins a pancake place is not for us proper folks” Seymour Toze firmly proclaimed.

Lady Lynda looked lovingly at her husband.   She believed he was telling her this for her own good.  One thing she hated, she told herself was hearing vulgar language.  what ever happened to expressions such as gosh, golly, gee and jiminy Cricket.  Those words were good enough for their generation.  It was so brilliant of Seymour to think of a possibility. It was clear he loved her enough to look out for her best interest.  The woman beamed with pride she married such a bright man.

They both thought they should put on their thinking caps to come up with a new idea.  Lady Lynda knew it was no use quarelling with her husband.  She made certain she wouldn’t suggest something inappropriate.   It was the wife’s duty to respect her spouse.  That meant to not disagree.  Her wifely responsibility was to listen to his wise words.

“What would you suggest Seymour?”

“I’m so pleased you want to know my sweet Lady Lynda.  I propose we dine at that new weiner restaurant a couple blocks from us “Diamond Dawgies”   Its a very pragmatic idea.  Its a charming little bistro that serves the most delicious hotdog delicacies.  But its not like the franks at those baseball stadiums with that plebian yellow mustard.  Plus they feature such tasty sauerkraut and.    Let’s go. I’m certain we’ll love dining there.

“I’m certain I’ll love this new dinging pleasure too.   Let’s do it.  (to be continued)

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