Dan. D. Walker Preps for His Hot Date

Dandy D. Walker preps for his hot date

Daniel Delbert Walker laid all 6’2 manly self on his old fashion four poster bed in his rustic western style bedroom. The man saw how his new suit was draped over He gleamed with pride and pleasure over his genuine gold lame suit. It was an exact copy of the original suite designed by flamboyant designer extraodinaire Nudie Cohn. Walker wondered what the man’s real name was. He deemed it quite ironic his nick was Nudie since his business was designing some mighty fancy suits. Walker reflected how the man created clothes for ZZ Top, Gram Parsons, Porter Waggoner and other Rock and Country stars. Who knew there was a Jewish connection to so many popular singers. Whoda thunk it he bemusedly asked himself. His lapis blue eyes twinkled with delight. He beamed at how sharp he would look to his new gal.

The jacket and pants were an exact replica of the Elvis Presley cover on the album “Fifty Million Elvis Fans can’t be wrong” Dan. D. Walker immediately concluded his new woman couldn’t be wrong about him either “ Yeah that mighty fine sure made an excellent choice in me. Hot diggity darn.” A gentleman ain’t suppose to cuss” One thing I am is a true gentleman. I respect the ladies. That’s why I’m wearing this suit. I’m sure she’d be truly impressed.

“What a gal!! Dan D. beamed with pride as he sauntered into his kitchen. He wore a flannel plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up his elbows. Levis covered his meaty legs. His expression resembled an overgrown puppy dog who knew he found at last his one true love.

“Courtney Rae you are the one for me. Ahm so glad I’m courtin’ you Courtney Rae. You are a ray of sunshine in mah life. Thanks to me going to that Stetson, Black Lariet holiday party. Once I took a glance at you mah little darlin, ah knew you were the one. Ah was as certain as sage bush being a part of Texas.

Walker smiled like a Cheschire cat as he reminesced about that swanky evening. “She’s a beauty. A real fresh as outdoors beauty” “Her sparkling rich brown eyes, her wavy brunette shoulder length hair, her pert features are such a joy for me to look at.” declared as he flexed his swung his right arm and made a tight fist.

“Hot diggity dog I sure am doin’ mighty fine these day. I feel like a baseball player who hit a home run at the bottom of the nineth and made my team win. When it comes to clever retorts I’m a pro. ‘Ah thank you for being so concerned about about me getting enough exercise.’ Can’t wait to `my cute little honey pie. Ooohh my cute little sexy honey pie. Its been exactly twelve hours since we saw each other. Its going to be six hours for our rendevous at that romantic steakhouse restaurant “Love meat Tender” I can hardly wait. I know one thing my manhood sure won’t be squishy. It’s going to be good and hard. It’ll be great tonight.

Daniel D. Walker reflected on how much he looked forward to being close with his new woman. Yes he exclaimed they would be like two twigs intertwined. She would make up for every other female who rejected him because they couldn’t understand what he was saying.

The man congratulated himself on being so lucky to find elocution teacher Lady Lynda and being so successful in his lessons. So much so that he met the woman of his dreams. Now the world was his. And now a new sexy and smart woman was his too

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