2014 Texan Black Lariot , Stetson, Cowboy Boots Christmas Party.

The 2014 Black Larriat , Stetson and Cowboy Boots Holiday Ball

It’s a festive Christmas fest An impressively tall Christmas tree is decked in shiny metallic colorful balls. It[s draped green and red wreaths. Blinking lights that change hues. The Hanukkuh bush and Kwanzah lamp are quite impressive. Holiday symbols are easily seen on the roomy hardwood floor

Pine green and festive red velvet drape the walls. The material is hung on golden poles that reach to the very top of the high walls. The ceiling is domed and in its center is a golden Lone Star , the symbol of the Lone Star state.

Red Velvet cake is clearly displayed on the long buffet table. Various fruit pies and cookies are there There is an abundance of the finest barbeque fixings this side of the Rio Grand. There is genuine tender Texas Rib eye, roast turkey. For vegans there is Cajun spiced Seitan. Corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, cranberries and stuffing galore are there too. Bourbon, “Lone Star” beer and nothing but American wines are on display too.

The children are entertained by a professional clown dressed in a harlequin suit in a separate room to the side. The man did various fun tricks for the girls and boys. His rapport with the at first cranky boys and girls was quite impressive.

The teens are permitted into the main room only with their parents No alcohol for them. If any parent was caught they’d be immediately escorted from the premises. Management doesn’t want to risk were being charged serving those who were underaged.

Into the festive room saunters in Dan D. Walker. He reflects how lucky he is to be here in the grandest of holiday parties in Texas. He wears his finest tux with black lariot, fancy carved leather cowboy boots and Stetson. His deep lapis eyes peruse the site as if it’s a ranch he’s inspecting for possible purchase. The décor , the way the men and women are so fancy dressed pleases him The Texan reflects how the gals were decked in their finest yet still looked as feminine and pretty as pink roses The women looked as curvy as nubile teen girls strutting her stuff with the skimpiest of bikinis.

Walker bet he could catch any one of those gals eyes. Yes Lady Lynda’s diction lessons gave him the confidence he needed he reflected With so many delightful pickings he indeed sure was grateful. It was like a smorgesbord of feminine beauty and sexiness.

Feeling sure of himself Walker walked over to a sweet looking young woman. She’s sexy in a fresh scrubbed way. He says to her “How lucky can I get meeting you here.” She replies. “What a line. Take a hike.” His glib reply is “Well mam I’m so grateful you’re making sure I get enough exercise”

Just then a woman with homespun sexy charm comes up to him She says to Dan. D. “Hell She sho nuff don’t know a good man when she sees one but I do.“ Daniel Delbert Walker is smitten with her charms. “Yes it pays to speak your mind” bemused Walker. Thanks to Lady Lynda, he reflected now he could. He was so delighted he could. He thanked his lucky stars.

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