Teaching Erasmus Nutley a Lesson.

That curmudgeon Erasmus Nutley makes Scrooge before he reformed seem like Mother Theresa” quipped Aunty Carol as she studied her Bridge hand. He certainly does make Ebeneezer Scrooge seem saintly” I wonder if Dickens ever imagined a character like Nutley. Yes he bought the cookies, but he still needs a lesson replied Lady Lynda as she tried to read her game partner’s poker face.

“It took an entire night of ghost therapy to make that crotchety miser Scrooge reform. That would be a real challenge to reform Erasmus.” opined her friend. “Yes that is most certainly true. Are you up to the challenge? Lady Lynda nodded yes.
“ Nutley is a tough nut to crack. I never met such a grumpy curmudgeon in my life. I see by your sour expressin Auntie Carol you second that opinion.” I’m concerned we may be painting ourselves into a corner. Well one thing we can do join heads to somehow get ahead. Let’s toss out ideas and see what ones stick.”

“He is a nut that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Its utterly shameful he is so filled with bitterness. He’d much prefer his mean spirited miserable thoughts to any ray of sunshine. Part of me pities him. My pity is wasted on him” quipped Lady Lynda.

“How ironic Erasmus Nutley is so rigid in his thoughts. He looked as stooped over and frail as a trembling lead. One that would break with the slightest ease. He’s a man whose one quality of consistency ia obstinacy” commented Auntie Carol. “His stinginess makes Hettie Greeen look like a philanthropist.” exclaimed Lady Lynda. Yes, even I, who tries her best to look for the good in others , is hard pressed to find anything noble in him. I suppose the one positive is he’s consistent in his thoughts. I bet he thinks How does one deal with a man like that? “Yes Lady Lynda Nutley holds onto his crankiness like it’s the only thing that makes him happy. He is like a little kid whose only joy is to make others miserable. If only we could teach him a lesson” “There must be a way. This will certainly be a challenge. Are we up to the task Lady Lynda? “Didn’t I reply that I was up to the challenge before?” Retorted Lady Lynda. The two spent the evening going over their plan. To teach Erasmus Nutley a most important lesson. Oh that’ll be rich teaching Nutley a lesson.
Oh Auntie Carol I am feeling a tinge of guilty. Nutley may not be capable of helping his curmudgeonly ways. Or perhaps he doesn’t know how. “Yes you may be right Lady Lynda and besides few people like to be cajoled. As Mary Poppins said “A spoonful of sugar.” Written by Lynda Appell

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