Dan and Desiree are Looking Fprward to Their First Date.

A Night on the Town with Dan D. with his new Flame.
Dan D. Walker smiled with delight as he prepared himself for his hot date wth his new flame, Desiree. What a wonderfully fitting name he beamed. He looked in the mirror combing his wavy golden blonde hair that dangled dangerously near his deep azure eyes.

Daniel Walker ‘s heart skipped a beat. His rough hewn hands shook as he walked the tightrope between a carefree life and commitment. He smiled as he reflected how her attractin toward him boosted his fragile pride. The man forlornly recalled ow rough it was not being able to be understood by others How grateful he was for Lady Lynda and her elocution lessons.

He put on his best threads, groomed himself and even bought a bunch of ruby red roses from a local florist. They were the color of deep magenta. He convinced himself he did the best he could. The rest was up to luck.

He realized that magic moment when he connected with the gal that fateful night at the saloon. Now this was the first time he would see her since they first met. This would be the test of their compatibility. Knowing tje encounter could determine their future he felt intensely disconcerted. The man tried to tell himself he would do his best not to be over bearng. For one thing he wouldn’t compare her to other lady friends. Every woman is an individual he solemnly reminded himself.

Meantime Desiree Wanda Twain smiled joyfully as she eagerly looked forward to her date with Dan D. Walker. It would be since that fateful encounter at the Mozy. She would try to control her excitement. Heart control yourself she whispered. Last thing she wanted was to come on too strong. She would collect her thoughts so wouldn’t look like a scatterbrain. But mostly she would listen to what Dan said She definitely wouldn’t jump to conclusions. Desiree told herself she wouldn’t hem and haw. It was okay to like to watch “Hee Haw” reruns but to hem and haw would definitely make a terrible impression. Dukes of Hazard and Beverly Hillbillies. Oh her heart was pounding heavily as she imagined how their first date would be.

The time was getting increasingly closer for the two to be on their initial date. Walker decided it was best to deal with his nervousness by trying to imagine how the night would be. Yes they would be going to the Rascal Flatts concert with special guest Miranda Lambert. Rascal Fla’s “I won’t let go” Dan. D. Walker swore would be his theme song. He swore he didn’t ever want Desiree to ever let go.

Desiree was excited Carrie Underwood would be performing too. She loved her song “I’ll see you again. “ Desiree was so happy she was seeing Dan D. again. She prayed the last line you were gone was not a prediction. The woman sighed a heavy sigh as she thought of their first time together. Desiree Wanda Twain knew Danial Delbert Walker felt the same way as her.

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