Mozying down to the Mozy on Down Saloon.


“Hey whats a handsome hunk like you savoring your “Bootscootin” beer as if it was the last beer in the world, here at Mozie on Down “ saloon? The pert young dirty blonde woman with the robin egg blue eyes congenially asked

Daniel D. Walker slowly looked up from his mug of foamy suds. He only knew he wanted to drown himself in alcohol. He sure wasn’t up to talking to this here lady . He just wanted to keep gazing at that photo of Lady Lynda. he faithfully kept in his wallet of the hip pocket of his “Wranglers”

Walker forlornly concluded he would never meet a woman as helped him like she did. This gal who called him. She was probably like the rest of em. So why bother to turn around. Where was the motivation he figured.

The woman sighed , shrugged her shoulders and gathered it was a lost cause to get him to listen to her. In the meantime she ordered a “Bootscootin” beer. When Dan. D. Walker heard her order he turned to her. He thought well at least she’s a kindred soul in her choice of beer.  What else might they hold in common he wondered.

His eyes opened wide when he discovered she looked far from being  a brazen hussy. The lady looked like country farm gal. Her spare makeup consisted of a freshly scrubbed face, rose pink lip gloss on curvy rosebud lips and a tint of matching rouge for her fresh air complexion. She was a pleasant surprise to him. Her five feet two body was pleasantly porportionate, meaty but far from corpulent.

She appeared to be in her late teens. He hoped he was right in his assessment. Last thing he wanted to get in legal trouble with a female who was under aged. One thing he knew was she seemed as natural as nature itself. Her demeanor seemed completely devoid of deception. He felt at home with her. Still he wondered what was a woman like her doing at a watering hole like this. That is if she was old enough to be there.

“Well little darlin’ what brings you here? He asked her. She replied “Heck I was wonderin’ that about you too? Who wants to go first” she joked in a good natured manner.

Her smile was warm and inviting. Daniel  Delbert Walker was tempted to find out more. But he decided to be cautious. After all she was a stranger. Looks could be deceiving. Was this her first time here? If so why did she choose the Mozie on Down If not, how often did she come here?

The young woman sensing what he wondered by the expression on his face felt she should initially put him at ease. “Bet you’re asking yourself if this is my first time here. Well the truth is it isn’t But I certainly never met a man as handsome as you before here. So I reckon it could be yours.”

The man picked up his mug. The woman instantly saw how manly and muscular his build was. Her heart pitter pattered with excitement. She felt uneasy feeling that way but she couldn’t help it. The fact was her body told him she was turned on by his cowboy charm.

He wouldn’t dare risk it by telling her his relation with Lady Lynda. He stared at the picture presuming the female stranger wouldn’t understand. How could he ever explain how Mrs Lady Lynda Mae Hoffenfetter Toze took him from being a star attraction in the World’s Cheapest Freak Show to the airport worker he is today. That she transformed him from man with a Texan accent so strong that nobody could understand him to man who could finally in his life speak clearly.

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