Ah, Darlings, this is the Black Orchid and I am celebrating my favorite time of year, the winter. Any fool can love the spring with its red and purple flowers and a blue sky to break your heart with beauty. Sparse, white open spaces intrigue me and the hot burn of Salignac on my cold pink lips. I am burning inside and freezing on the outside. I wear a ling white polar bear coat and am completely nude underneath save for white lace stockings and a pink leather garter belt.

I cup my hands that I may eat the snow. Then lie down nude in the snow and make snow angels. Foolishness is good for the heart. I weave holy berries into my long, black waist length hair and it takes hours. I nibble on berries as I walk through the forest. I notice a wolf trailing me (yellow eyes through the bushes,) The animals sense that I am a lioness woman. My mother, a shaman lay with a male lion to beget me. I am eons old but the the changing seasons never fail to thrill me I shall walk in the darkness of this white and indigo night, alone and solitary. The sky is indigo next to the sharp silver stars. I pray that one will fall and I can catch it. Stranger things have happened.

I hear the crunch of my bare feet in the snow and feel its cold sting as it pierces my feet. The wind blasts me with snow and my eyelashes fill up with ice. I open my cloak to feel the silvery moonlight shed its cold rays on my bare skin. And a hot fire burns in my loins and I surrender to it. Life is lush. And I feel the hardness of my alabaster tits and my center is on fire. fire like hot lava. Lush, lush life. Breathe forth on me, Sister Moon.

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