Self Esteem Film Fest

Lady Lynda and her husband walk hand in hand out of the theatre of the “Self Esteem Circus” As they walk they gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes. The couple notice most of the other patrons are heatedly discussing what they just experienced. The Tozes can tell what the others think by the animated expressions on their faces. They gush with happiness for the other twosomes presuming they loved the show as much as they did.

“Oh Seymour Oh dear sweet Seymor that was the most wonderful circus I ever saw. The performers made me feel so good about myself. What do you think dearest? I most certainly on the same wavelength hunnybunny. Oh look it looks like the rest of the crowd pretty much thinks so too. I can see them grinning from ear to ear. My they look so contented as they browse their the program. It seems like everyone is flipping through the pages to get to the last one. I wonder what’s on it. ”

“Well that’s easily enough to find out. Just do what they’re doing my darling Seymour. “I did and I discovered ads for more self esteem events. They’re from an organization called Kindness Love Universal Tenderness Zeal. Wow what a fascinating name Seymour. Yes dearest.
What’s next. Its a self esteem film festival. Oh can imagine what films they’ll show. I can picture it now. My left foot, How green was my valley, the Corn is Green, Stand and Deliver. I can’t picture them showing any other type of movie. Oh I am so excited. Did it say where it is? Its going to be a couple of blocks from here. LL Only a couple of blocks. How convenient. Couple of blocks reminds me that we’re a couple.” Lady Lynda chuckled at her play on words.

Seymour reminesces of some inspirational motion pictures he saw in the not too distant past. He signs with happiness as he recalls them.
” Let’s see. Oh yes I cherish the day I saw “My Left Foot” and I don’t mean my left foot or my right for that matter. he story of Christy Brown, who was born with cerebral palsy. He learned to paint and write with his the only part of his body he could control- his left foot.”

His better half replied “Yes I teared up inside when I saw how Gaby Brimmer triumphed over her cerebral palsy. Very similar to “My Left Foot.” I suppose you could call it a distaff version of MLF. Oh yes “A beautiful mind.” I never understood the title. Yes John Nash is brilliant but I can’t see how being so deplorably delusional is beautiful. Yet he too was victorious over adversity. “Yes he won a Nobel prize in Math.” Seymour Toze cheerfully commented I’m certain the participants in the self esteem film festival will be watching uplifting films like these. I don’t see how the film festival would be anything else. Oh it seems like a real edification for those who are smart enough to want it Yes it does seem rather enlightening and elusidating too.

“Oh yes the rip roaring grandeur that only an inspirational movie can make you feel. How will the producers of this festival ever be able of choosing among the myriad numbers of pictures to choose from. I am glad I not them, dearest Lady Lynda”

What’s the title of that movie Lady Lynda dear. “Its How Mean was my Alley. “ Little Bobby Stansberry is eager to explore his town, the streets where he lives…but first he must learn to cross the street so he can go to the place that changes everyone who enters. Kindergarten.

“Well here we are at the “Self Esteem Film Festival” theatre. I am so excited. “
The couple and the others hear on the loudspeaker “Welcome to the “Self Esteem Film Festival” An event to make you feel better about yourselves” So we think the best way to do that is to show nothing but Ed Wood directed films. We know you’ll think to yourselves even I with no film school education can directed better than him. Now on with the show “Plane Nine From Outerspace”

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