Lady Lynda and Seymour Toze go to the Circus.

Lady Lynda and her spouse Seymour Toze join the other patrons in finding their seats. They are mostly middle aged. Some are somewhat older. A few younger patrons walk over to their seats. Everyone finally sits down They smile and laugh and joke. It is clear by their actions, they are in an eager mood to see the circus The men and women take quick glances at their flyers to check out what exactly they are to see. It tells them the order of the show. First are the clowns. The fire eater is next. Then the the beautiful sexy women bareback riders. They watch quite contently at the performers.

Lady Lynda likes the fact that she can peruse , in the comfort of her balcony seat , the others while being far enough from them to feel in a comfortable distance. Seymour, on the other hand, feels uncomfortable being so up high. He tries to comfort himself by being immersed in the program.

“Look honey, dearest Lady Lynda. It says here this is like no other circus ever seen” “Why is that?” asked Seymour’s wife. “It never says I perused the entire program. We’ll just wait and find out” The couple hold hands and smile at each other.

The crowd marvels at the plethora of happenings. The three spot lights spotlight each performance. Its a three ring circus. One ring clown, a different one, horseback riders and lastly special acts. They sit there with eyes of wonder like little children. There are clowns, jugglers,. Fire eaters, sword swallowers, magicians, everyone one can imagine in a circus. They are everywhere the eye can see. Mostly they are in a large circle with the MC in the center of the big top.

The MC , dressed in a stylish tuxedo, enthusiastically greets them. His hair is jet black, parted in the middle and slicked like patent leather. He wears a pencil thin mustache. His eyes are a beaming brown topaz. He holds up a bullhorn and speaks through it. He cracks his whip for emphasis. His voice is booming and sounds self assured. “Hello ladies and gentlemen , welcome, welcome. I say welcome twice because this circus is twice as big as last year. More performers, more joyfulness and most of all, more fun.”

The crowd laughs at the clowns’s pratfalls showing their oversized bright red rubber clown shoes. One of the bareback rider takes several tries to mount the horse. All eyes are on her. When she finally mounts the audience presumes she’ll be successful. The rider suddenly looses her grip, slides down the steed and clumsily falls to the ground. The audience is concerned and puzzled. Why doesn’t the MC stop the show? Once more mounts her steed. Once more she slips and falls. Then she smiles confidently at the crowd and nonchalantly walks off the stage. Many take a deep breath and try to presume what happened is an unfortunate fluke.

The crowd feels confused but hopes that they are right-the incident is an exception. Their confusion quickly turns to concern when they observe each performer is klutzier than the last. The juggler constantly drops his balls, the acrobats constantly tumble. Then when things get really heated with the women and men threatening harm to show’s producer. The MC comes out and says “ By showing nobody is perfect. That we are human and we make mistakes. Nobody is better than anybody else.”

“We paid good money to watch a circus. If we wanted self esteem lessons we would of gone to a self help workshop. This is redic.” one irate middle aged man yells. The others strongly agree.

While the rest of the crowd thinks the concept of a self esteem circus is maniacal, the Tozes are enthralled by , in their opinion, the MC true bravado in presenting such a circus. They cheerfully bandy about while everyone else show the candor of their disgusted feelings. “Some folks just don’t recognize what’s good for them”

Just then the Tozes hear a young woman yell with tears of joy. “This is very hard for me to say. Whenever I watch these shows I feel really inferior. Before this night I was jealous of circus acts. I thought they were so much more superior than me with their circus skills. But now I know they’re human with human frailities like me. Thank you Mr. MC for showing us that nobody is better than anyone else. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart”

The others listen to her and they are so moved by her heartwarming sentiment they too remark how the show made them feel so much better about their self images. It was truly a valuable lesson the master of ceremonies and production company taught them. They wondered how they could ever thank him. Being reminded that nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes was by far, far more important than watching a smooth running circus.

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