Dan. D. Walker Saves the Day

Daniel Delbert Walker’s new boss, Mr Waylon Mumford looked like a navy blue fire plug in his dark suite. The man vigorously shook Daniel Delbert Walker’s hand. Than he slapped the new customer service representative’s shoulder in a gesture that exuded friendly manliness. Dan D. thought , there was no manliness like that of Texans.
“Gosh. Well thank you Mister Mumford. Well Ah’m proud to be a part of this here airport. The best little airport in these here parts Ah reckon.” “You’re sure right about that. Ah can sure toot mah horn. ”
“Atta boy Dan. Call me Waylon ’cause I know we’ll go a long, long way together here. Most critical here is your clear communication with the crews and customers.”

“This outfit is managed by yours truly I personally put you in the helm. Here let me give you a quick rundown of the equipment. There’s the loudspeaker, the switchboard and the console. Its basically navigating a bunch of plugs for corresponding buttons”

Dan. D. Walker sat down and marveled at what he saw as new fangled machines. He felt as if he was sitting on top of the world. The people were there below waiting for his crucial messages. The new C.S.R. Listened intently as his superior explained how to work the contraptions. His eyes intensely gazed upon the equipment. He made mental notes on how to manipulate the state of the art equipment immediately in front of him.

Dan. D. Walker quickly surveyed his equipment. He was like a kid in a candy shop with nobody to stop him from gobbling the goodies. He felt as high as a man on cloud nine blown away to the furthest reaches of the heavens. He excitedly reminded himself how important the doodads were. He felt as if he were a king overlooking his kingdom. He remembered how he learned in Flugerville high school in Flugerville Texas , how kings held absolute power over their subjects. And he was , gosh darn, with so much darn power himself. He mused how his work was the closest thing he got to being one of those big shot kings. He didn’t need anyone to tell him he was right. He knew he was. Looking over his “kingdom” the new employee gloated. Just then his mood changed quicker than a jackrabbit chased by coyotes. Walker gulped what if things didn’t turn out so well. He better concentrate. After all being a CSR was a life long dream ever since he was a knee high to a grasshopper. Or not much bigger he reflected. The man fondly recalled when he was a small fry how that store employee helped his daddy and mommy, Right then and there he was determined to help folks like that man did. Walker figured what would be the best way to handle the passengers and other customers. This was an airport in a major city. Walker hoped he was ready.
” This was no game. This was no rehearsal. :The new employee nervously reflected. This was the real thing in real time. There was no pussyfootin’ This was it. Dan.D. listened intently to the complaints, concerns, demands of the crew members, passengers and others connected , in what ever capacity, with the airport. It seemed to him as if everyone came to him at him all at once. It sounded like a cacaphony of sound. Everyone seemed to want a piece of him. Dan.D. Desperately wished he knew what to do. In his distress he totally forgot his Lady Lynda diction lessons and how she his Texas accent sound intelligible. He sounded like two radio stations jumbled together. The people who he tried to get help heard nothing but garbled noise. The new customer service rep became increasingly flustered. He feared this would be his first and last day being employed there. “What can I do??!!!” he groaned. If only there was something he could do to remedy his desperate situation. It looked like this day would be the worst, most major catrastrophe in the history of the airport. The airplanes,the crews, the passengers would be in a complete mess unless he could figure what to do.

Suddenly he heard the faint sounds of a television station somewhere, it seemed , close by in the building where his office was. Hearing it was a show on deep breathing , Dan. D. immediately remembered Lady Lynda’s lesson of the crucial importance of deep breathing to improve concentration. On that note, he took a deep breath, recalled his diction lessons and from then on his work was fine.

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