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Carol Ann Bond

Dear Friend:
Forgive the form letter. It’s just that I received so many queries and I’m going to answer every one. Well, I’m from Philadelphia and am a multi-genre writer. Picture us somewhere in California on a terrace drinking frosty Margaritas from a clear pitcher and munching on brie and strawberries. The sun is setting and it is an angry orange ball ready to descend into the ocean. I am showing you my work and you are showing me yours. And somewhere there is a Sphinx cat (hairless weird animal) nearby named Hortense.

That said I will “show” some of my work in the order of creation. Oh, yes you may sometimes find me on FB or twitter (auntiecarol007) My Nom is CAROL ANN.
CATFISH JOE & DOUBLE, TOIL & TROUBLE – A ribald ,vivid, lusty portrait of a black street preacher who helps those who can’t help themselves. Ladies’ man and ex-boxer. He is plain spoken, pithy and pungent & audits literature and philosophy classes @ U Penn. A simple man with many facets like a diamond.

GITANA – A Noir romance rich in historical detail. I give you Carmen Caballito, soothsayer, caster of spells, poisoner, mother and enchantress. From humble origins she rises to the heights of European royalty due to her brilliance and sexual prowess. She is a Machiavelle, a schemer and above all, a survivor. She becomes a concubine to the powerful Louis XIV, the “Sun King” or “Roi de Soleil”.

POEMS OF THUNDER (NOIR & WHIMSY) – Vivid, sensual poems of tainted love.
I hope I have not bored you or overstayed my welcome. Let me know of your dreams and what you write. Love, CAROL ANN

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