“Nobody Understand me” Dan.D. Walker Lament”

Dan. D. Walker” groaned as he rode his black Ford pickup truck. He recalled nobody literally understand him. That was because he reminded himself of his too thick Texan accent. Even his family couldn’t make out hide or hair what he said. Now thanks to that wonderful Lady Lynda and her diction lessons his life long goal of becoming a customer service representative came true. He thought of how eager he would be on the first day on the job. He pictured himself successfully doing his duties as the airport’s official customer service rep. At last his dream came true. He felt as excited as a little boy eagerly waiting for his birthday gift from the relative who always knew what he wanted.

The Texan recalled wolfing down can after can of “Lone Star” beer feeling sorry for himself. But no more he exclaimed “Hot dang I’m as happy as pig playing in the mud. He slapped his meaty thigh for emphasis. It was a fact he somewhat soberly reminded himself until he was coached by that terrific Lady Lynda. A woman with a heart of that shiny metallic yellow stuff. Well they say all that glitters isn’t gold he denoted. He gratefully remembered how she took him under her wing. She is a lady and I sure respect ladies. Even if most of his life, he recalled how they didn’t understand him. It was only they couldn’t comprehend how he felt he construed. They couldn’t make out a darn thing he said.

Daniel Delbert Walker continued to drive his car toward the municipal airport. He make himself feel less nervous he turned on the car radio. The dial was tuned to the local Country music station. Nothing like that down home Country sound. The sound of the people, the plain folk he beamed to himself. Just then the singer who his middle name was named for was singing. Walker reminded himself how he modeled his swagger from Delbert McClinton. The McClinton song on the station was his most popular. “Giving it up for your love”. Daniel D. Walker slyly smiled as he thought of how close that title reminded him of some other expression that was very similar. He presumed that it was no coincidence. That of course it was intentional he surmised. McClinton seemed like a good ol boy especially with the ladies. Walker sighed as he thought of how different he turned out from his middle name namesake. He felt he couldn’t get a girl even if she came to him special delivery Next song was a throw back from the past to the fifties The country singer Wanda Jackson version of “Whole Lot of Shaking Going on” Walker thought of how when he was a kid he thought Jerry Lee Lewis did the original. But the truth was he told himself “Big Maybelle”did her soulful version two years before Lewis. Next was a much more modern Country sound Willy Nelson plainatively singing “You were always on my mind.” Dan. Delbert Walker felt mixed feelings toward Nelson. True the country singer was from his home state of Texas. On the other hand he was a pot smoker and there was that thing with his taxes. He strongly disapproved of him not paying his share

The new CSR job was strongly on his mind. He thought with a strong emphasis on my. My as in ownership He recalled with a bittersweet melancholic mood how he eyed the pretty girls in high school but eying them was as far as he could get. He morosely thought of how hog tied he felt when it came to talking to those pretty women. The song by Roy Orbison “Pretty Woman” came readily to mind. He recollected the many pretty women he wanted to talk to but couldn’t because his tongue was so tongue tied. Dan D. Walker sighed as he recollected loving the ladies from afar since that the only way he could. His mood brightened when he reminded himself thanks to the dedication of Lady Lynda he could now speak clearly. He told himself Look out ladies here I come.”

With that sentiment of feeling a mixture of cocksure confidence with a tinge of underlying tension, Dan. D. Walker drove his pickup truck down the highway to his destination of the place that looked as if it would make his dream of being a customer service rep come true.

At last the man came within eyesight of his employment destination. Before the airport seemed like an exciting place. Now it was even more exciting. Those passengers on those

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