Dan D. Walker’s Greatest Motive is to becom a Customer Service Representative

Dandy Delbert Walker swaggered into the interview office looking as confident as a college student who knew all the exam‘s answers. He felt so eager to become a customer service representative. He beamed as he figured his raw umber corduroy jacket and pale lime green cotton shirt would impress the interviewers. He felt his snug clothes definitely emphasized his rugged, football fullback build. He reminded himself “It is a much better to be tight in control than loose in the lips. Some how tight clothes make me feel more secure. His formal tan leather boots shined so much one could see one’s face reflected .

Inside it was an entirely situation. Dan. D. Walker felt as certain of himself as a student who forgot to study for the exam. He hoped by acting cocksure, the feeling would somehow rub off on him. Soon he knew he would find out how his psychology worked.

The office he entered was rather simple. Wood chairs, a floor lamp, wooden desk with some family photos. Behind was a woman who reminded him of a school marm. The ones who wanted boys to wear suits. Girls in frilly feminine dresses. Someone who insisted on convention Somebody who expected one to be as proper as possible. It was clear he better do the same.

The woman signaled him to sit down. “How are you?” she said icily. Walker felt it was a trick question. If he was honest he’d say he was as comfortable as a pig in a bacon factory. “I’m pleased to be here.” he replied. He prided himself on being honest yet not so much to endanger his chances of obtaining work.

“Why do you want to be a customer service representative.” A few minutes later he replied cautiously “My nature is to help people. This position would give me the opportunity to help everyone from rich society matrons and their husbands to everyday people Aw shucks I just loving being helpful Its just my nature.”

Walker saw her expression was as stone faced as a bust. He thought the interview was going bust. She replied “I see you think rather highly of this work. In all my interviewing I never met anyone as zealous as you. That experience in the store certainly left an impression on you.

“Now tell me your worst fault.” He knew the trick was to turn a vice into a virtue. “Impatience I can’t wait a single cotton picking minute to get started as a customer service representative.” The interviewer’s expression told him she heard better answers. The woman thanked him for his time and summoned in the next person to be interviewed. Dan D. Walker walked out not knowing what to expect. He just knew it wasn’t a shoe in,

2nd interview was an office at a real estate firm. The office was spacious with modern casual furniture It looked much more like a rec room than a business office. The Texan figured it was an advertisement for their realty business. He saw a sign on the wall “My father is in the realty business. I am in the reality business. Poet Delmore Schwartz. The man liked the quirky cleverness of the quote. It was reminding him work is a part of life. It isn’t its entire existence. The word s on the plaque made him feel somewhat more relaxed. The relaxation made him feel more confident. “

The interviewer was a middle aged man who dressed conservatively in a navy blue suit that looked European designed. His wore a coordinated tie. His lime hued shirt bought out his green eyes. His complexion was ruddy and his features somewhat boyish. He reminded Dandy of a mischievous boy playing grown up.

The man looked straight at the man. “Why should I hire you? Walker realized he should sell himself. A little swagger might help too. The Texan sat erect in his chair. Than he leaned somewhat forward.
“I think your company should hire me because I am dedicated to helping my customers as much as humanly possible. I was raised on a little farm in in the backwoods of Pflugerville in Texas. I remember helping my mama with the customers who bought our produce. I was so proud of myself dealing with all kinds of folks. Yes I am experienced from being knee high to a grasshopper being experienced with most anyone. “

When he got done answering the question he studied the man’s facial expression and body language for any clues on how his response was received. The conservatively dressed man simply wanly smiled. He then without missing a beat questioned him once more. This time the query was what do you like regarding CSR.

“I like helping people and I know from real experiences I sure can”
The man stood up from his desk, shook Walker’s hand and then wished him well.

The next interview was at the main office of the local major airport. There were quite a few airplanes in various stages of taking off on the runways. Business officials traveling to conferences, families on vacations, young couples on honeymoons and others on their way to their destinations. The one thing in common with each of them was their eagerness to get there on time.

“What do you think a typical day is like here?” Dandy gathered his thoughts. “A typical day would be extremely busy. Men and women eager to board their flights as smoothly as possible. Business executives especially wanting to on their planes in a timely manner. In fact he commented Most execs were in a terrific rush. Time was at the absolute essence. He told the man It would be essential for customer service representative to guide the folks to their respective airline

The man interviewing him smiled and said you told enough. You’re hired.

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