Lone Star beer Reflections

Daniel Delbert Walker job interviews. Dan D.Walker knew better than to bandy about with his job interviewers. He realized he was there for serious business. He was there to find work as a customer service represenative. Being a customer service rep, he eagerly reminded himself was his lifelong dream. Well as long as he was a grown man of six feet two and two hundred and thirty pounds. Most of his family, including his parents and friends deemed his goal should be professional football. Or perhaps they swiftly concluded he’d be a sports journalist. Being that everyone thought his speech was totally incoherent they concluded being a sportscaster was out of the question. With his rugged build , quick reflexes, his folks were bemused he wanted to be a customer service rep. In fact they were as befuddled by his choice of profession as a scrawny, five feet seven high school junior wanting to be a linebacker with his school’s football team.

Walker realized too he should tone down his candor. What was important was answering the questions and in doing so, selling himself. He chuckled as he recalled an incident when he was eleven with his grandma. She told he needed to sell himself. And he innocently replied “You mean like a whore?” He was grown now. He knew how to respond. To put on a positive light. He was ready like a movie star for his closeup. Tears welled in his cobalt blues as he envisioned helping the dear customers. Yes this was his true mission in life. It would make his heart swell with joyfulness knowing he did his part for humanity. His mood would be lifted up to the rafters. He would be enthralled realizing he would at the very least captivate the eager hearts and minds of his customers. But not necessarily in that order, the tall Texan soberly reflected.

Daniel Delbert Walker briefly reflected how some years back he contemplated suicide thinking of how he’d never reach his career goal due to his speech impediment. But now not reaching his career goal seemed as likely as little girls and boys petting a rattlesnake. Now that Jack Daniel and Lone Star beer boilermakers very well could be for a victory celebration. Namely he bemused, his completely too thick Texan drawl. Now thanks to Lady Lynda Toze he was now ready for his first employment interview. He was ready, willing and able, as that New Orleans, LA singer Fats Domino once sang. Thinking of that creole city reminded him of him going to the Ponderosa Stomp. He’d been there for several of their yearly oldies festivals. He loved being there and he knew he’d love becoming a customer service rep.

Tomorrow was his first work interview. With his excitement, anticipation, and a gut full of butterflies , the man tried his best to sleep. He took a swig of that nigh time cough medicine that was twenty five percent alcohol. He figured he’d be out like that traveling his way through like the name of the beer, lone star dreamland express

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