Crucially Important Diction Lesson

Dan D. Walker for the second time swaggered into Lady Lynda’s office. He wore his white wool jacket , fancy western style tan cotton shirt and tight designer cowboy jeans. His diamondback rattlesnake boots were polished so much they gleamed. He especially wanted to look sharp for his second diction lesson. The Texan remembered his mentor told him he would learn something crucial today. Walker was anxious but he hid it well under his Texas swagger. He wondered what that crucial lesson was.

Lady Lynda grandly motioned toward his chair/ Daniel Delbert Walker immediately picked up her cue and sat down. He tried to be patient but the seconds stretched out it seemed as far as from Northwest Texas El Paso to Brownsville Tx. A town that borders the Mexican border.

The reality was his diction teacher simply cleared her throat and took a quick swallow of a clear liquid. Walker worried it was gin. How irresponsible he presumed.
“Dan its only water Do you really think it’d be that irresponsible?”
The man felt guilty to think the worse of Lady Lynda
“I am so really sorry Mam. I should trust you. When are we starting the lesson now?
“Right now” “Rat nower? He replied.
“Yes now. Here’s what’ s most important to you. If you ever panic and get tongue tied , take a deep breath and slow down. The enunciation will come back to you.
The rest of the time Dan. D. Walker practiced his deep breathing.

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