Lady Lynda makes an important discovery concerning Dan. D. Walker

Dan D. Walker promptly showed up for his diction lesson with Lady Lynda. He was cowboy formal with a navy and white fringed shirt. His chinos brought out his brawny full back build. Lady Lynda gestured for him to sit down at the chair at the end of the table. The rectangular table looked as if it could seat easily six people on each side. Six people that is if they were average height. The only place Walker would be average would be a on professional football team.

He was could see why he was asked to sit there. Lady Lynda lived up to her title Lady. The man figured she wanted not even a hint of impropriety, The only thing he knew is he with his heart and soul wanted to become a customer service representative. The man obliged and sat down.

Lady Lynda announced in a clear crisp voice the lesson would commence. The man soon discovered the instructions mainly consisted of reading out loud material that would emphasis clear pronunciations. At least they were so for him.

Lady Lynda instructed him to speak much slower. He was slurring his words. It sounded to her as if he were talking with a mouthful of mashed potatoes. The woman felt like giving up on him. Then suddenly he said something that if one really listened could be understood. It was yes.

He reminded her of one of the last scenes in the movie “The Miracle Walker” where Helen Keller finally says Wah wah” for water. Her first word. A breakthrough was upon her. Now it was proven he could learn. He could talk clearly. It was her duty to persevere. He proved he could learn to speak clearly.

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