Dan. D. Walker’s Dream is to become a Customer Service Rep.

Dan. D. Walker’s Dream is to become a Customer Service Rep.
Lady Lynda sat behind her mahogany Queen Ann style polished wood desk . Her office was in the living room of her cozy home in upper class Bryn Athyn PA. She wore a rose pink brocaded wool suit. She went through her notes for the day. Suddenly her receptionist rang her doorbell . The executive of the Lady Lynda Etiquete and diction Services inquired who was there.

Her receptionist told Lady Lynda a man wanted to see her. But his Texas drawl was so thick she couldn’t be certain. As soon as Lady Lynda heard “couldn’t she knew who he was. He was the Texas freak from the world’s cheapest freak show. It was Daniel Delbert Walker or as most people knew him Dan. D. Walker. The Texan whose speech nobody understood.

Lady Lynda told her receptionist “To let him come in. The Texan swaggered bow legged, all six feet two of him. He was built like a professional football fullback. It wasn’t any wonder with his over sized rough hewn hands he was a construction worker. His wavy dirty blonde hair tousled in the breeze of the air conditioner. He wore a Stetson. His blue jeans were tight emphasizing his meaty thighs. His leather belt’s buckle was of plated gold bronze with a silhoette of Texas. On his feet were genuine diamond back rattlesnake hide boots. On his brown wool suit jacket’s shirt pocket was a gold US flag pin

His face was rugged and reflective of rough living. His piercing viridian eyes were most expressive. They were his real mode of communication. Lady Lynda remembered him as a rugged construction worker who really knew how to use his tools

The woman felt deeply sorry for him. His Texas accent was so thick nobody except she could understand him. With others he could only communicate by writing His fellow Texans weren’t able to make out what was saying either. Nor could his family. No wonder he was a part of the “World’s Cheapest Freak Show” Fortunately he came to the only place to the one person who could comprehend him

Lady Lynda motioned for him to pull over a chair and to place it front of her desk. Dan. D. did so and promptly sat down. Even sitting down he was a head taller than her five feet two frame. He fiddled around until he finally settled into a comfortable position. Lady Lynda could tell it wasn’t easy for him to relax. To say he was fidgety was like saying the world’s tallest man ,according to “Guiness” Robert Wadlow at 8’ 11” was tall.

“Drawl Drawl . Drawl, drawl, DRAWL DRAWL rat here rat now!!???”

She told him she understood perfectly what he was saying. The woman gently chided him to try to be patient. She reminded him Rome wasn’t built in a day. She reassured him he was not talking about rats Why did you he to see her she inquired?


Lady Lynda remarked was just an innocent question. He didn’t need to be so miffed!!! Why on earth did he want to be a customer service rep? That involved communicating. Hmmm on the other hand she commented he came to the right place. She could teach him proper diction. she explained She was touched by his eager sincerity. By his expression it was clear he truly wanted to be a customer service representative to do his part to help humanity.

The diction teacher asked if he wanted her to teach him good diction.

The man looked up at her and with tears welling in his intense viridian eyes and told her “DRAWL!!!”

“Well that’s a resounding YES if I ever heard one” exclaimed Lady Lynda.


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