Lady Lynda’s More Pluperfect Husband Rules.

The petition  to make Nicolas Venire repaint his house in a much more pleasing matter to his neighbors was presented to the proper authorities.  Fortunately hey agreed with the petitioners It was  because enough people in the neighborhood signed it .Lady Lynda was relieved to go on to other concerns   She was especially  pleased that  curmudgeon Erasmus Nutley  put his signature on the form.  It was an incredible challenge,  especially Nutley,  but she was victorious she triumphantly told  herself.   She was  as proud as an owner of a  dog show best in show.   As proud as a  researcher winning a Nobel prize.   As  proud as a  parent of an honor student.      Now s he could move on to a topic she considered   critically important.  For it effected the future lives of  a married couple,  husband and wife.  More rules for the pluperfect husband.  Since being married to Seymour there was a new perspective on the matter at hand.

Te rules didn’t need to be complicated.  They did need to be clear and doable.   The  goal of the husband was to please his wife.  These rules would help him do just that.  For that was  the sole purpose of these  edifying , enriching  ahem,  suggestions.

In no particular order  LadyLynda earnestly  commenced with her crucial proclamiations.  That is if the husband wife  wanted  a harmonious relationship in true marital bliss.  If they followed these self evident truths they were  be blissfully happy.

Ruls for the pluperfect husband. 1Being appreciative when his wife retrieved  his slippers for him.

2If the Mrs and  his’s daughter is sixteen she is a sweet sixteen and  a demure virgin.

3He is a  loving  firm disaplinarian4

4He refuses his adolescent  children to listen to that crude suggestive rock .  If one wants to call  that  troglodyte nonsense music

5He is a sterling character  well respected by his wife

6He is a breadwinner with no complaints of his superior-or  long hours7

7He is respectful to his wife’s  need for material comforts

8sHe never questions his wife’s taste and  keeps his opinions to himself

9The perfect husband  listens patiently to his wife’s complaints and never burdens her with his

10Lastly he is ever ready to perform his husbandly, manly duties to ensure marital bliss.
Number ten was the most  important.

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