Lady Lynda Beamed with Confidence

Lady Lynda beamed with confidence.  True not everyone signed the petition but enough did.   Now the woman beaming with pride rang the doorbell of the house on the corner of the block of row homes. This time instead of  a queay uneasy sense her feeling was one of  unlimited confidence.

Lady Lynda was feeling a smidgen under smugness.    At least this was the last residency.  Once she did her duty here she could go home.  Yes she could go home knowing she  did  her work for an essential cause in  for the neighbors.

The woman  confidently  rang the doorbell.   There was no response.   Thinking that maybe the resident wasn’t home or didn’t hear  her.   She tried a second time.    The next thing she knew , there was a tall, lanky man  coming to the door.   He was slightly bent as if he carried the weight of world or felt  he did.

His facial features were that of a man who looked as someone would imagine Nathanel Hawthorn’es Ichobod Crane.  That is if the literary character was real.   With a longish nose that pointed as sharp as steak, carving knife.   It seemed  too long for  his craggy face.  Downturn lips  looked as they were frozen in that position because of constant scowl.  His lips themselves rather thin  displayed only a complete lack of warmth for anyone or anything.  His eyes a watery grey that reflected complete misery.  His bone structure craggy to match his disposition.

Lady Lynda was taken aback.   Her first thought  was to turn back.   Yet somehow she reminded herself  this man was the last of her  contacts.  Surely she could get through  without being scathed.   And even if she did there was Seymour to comfort her.

The woman cordially greeted him with a good evening.  The man  retorted with what was so good about it.  Seymour Toze’s wife stuttered as his response took her completely by surprise.  It took at least five minutes to regain her composure.  She  wondered if she should forget trying to convince or  give it one more try.  The one thing she knew of her situation was at the very  least this man was challenge.  Now the question she asked herself was she up to it?

Lady Lynda as quickly as she could , weighs the pros and cons of her situation.   On the one hand she reflected  he struck her as  lost cause.  On the other  nothing ventured nothing gained.    Her conclusion was she’d go for the latter.

Now the question was how was she going to convince this epitomy of misery.   She concluded she’s try  to see the world through his eyes, his perspective.   Here was a man who stood in front of her .   He was most likely so miserable because of his life’s experiences.   Of course she concluded she wouldn’t talk of his past. She’d  only realized he was a poor  dear victim of his past circumstances.

With that in mind her feelings turned toward sympathy.   Here was a man who was a poor, dear victim of the vissistudes of  life. It was duty to bring some sunshine in this unfortunate man whose circumstances surely weren’t his fault. With that belief in mind, Lady Lynda cheerfully greeted him.

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