Nick Venire gets his Comeuppence

The dear put upon Lady Lynda decided to write a letter of protest.  She’d write the basic thoughts, complaints,  and hopefully resolutions.  She’d read to see how well it flowed.  The woman would make certain it was written in one tense.  She would  check for spelling and punctuation errors.  Most importantly she’d  see how clear the language was.   Seymour Toze’s wife certainly didn’t want to talk down to her readers.   The petition would be written in plain English.

She’d write it on plain white lined paper.   The woman would share  precisely her exact thoughts on how she felt.  The issue would that  insensitive cad and his horribly decorated house of Sponge Bob Square Pants decorations.    How she believed he had done such economic damage to the neighborhood.  Not only did he make  and Seymour the laughing stock of  her neighbors.   The  block’s economic status slid downhill as  fast as  popularity of silents once talking pictures came into being.

Something certainly needed to be done.   And she was  the one to do it.   It was her and  Seymour who were most victimized. She was being penalized for to her faithful loving  spouse.    Ergo she would be the one to express how miffed she was.    The woman reflected the nerve of that “scalawag ”  Little did he know, Nick was soon to get his comeuppence.

While sweat dripped  down her forehead  the woman heatedly wrote her  communication.

It was three short paragraphs.   The beginning of the letter told of  how lured her into an affair with his conniving  ways.   The middle section Seymour Toze’s  woman wrote of  the  problem.   Lastly she wrote of the solution.   That was the neighbors to confront Nicolas Venire and let him know they weren’t going to take his shenanigans.

She then showed what she wrote to Seymour.  Not for approval  but to see how he could help her.   She figured  since he lived there too  it was his issue too.    Plus  the situation might use the manly touch, the manly perspective as it were.

“Oh yes  Seymour would be most proud and grateful.    I’m doing it for him too.    It was the least I  could do for  being responsible for that swine Nicolas Venire’s doings.   Yes that lothario  would know yours truly, Lady Lynda was no woman to be trifled with.”

Besides  Toze’s  wife  reflected it was she who got the neighborhood into this mess. It was her responsibility to get them out of it.   She would  go to the source of the  problem.   That dastardly cad  Nicolas Venire.   She would make his life utterly miserable until he could take no more of it   There was nothing like a woman who was humiliated to be avenged.

With that goal in mind the woman furiously scribbled some words down on lined notebook paper.   One handy thing about paper was it was lightweight   Significantly compared to  a notepad,  or ipod.   A good pen and paper was the only thing she needed

It was  the fact she  returned to the loving arms of her faithful husband  that was the cause of this community shame.   Yes she  was once a wanton woman.   But now she realized   that she cheated was wrong    That Venire  she deemed  needed to learn a lesson.    It wasn’t only for her she composed  the communique.

Now that the protest letter was written the next step was to disseminate it throughout the neighborhood.

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