Lady Lynda reminesces on helping the freaks.

Lady Lynda fondly looked back some time ago as she her then boyfriend Seymour Toze found a way to help those poor dear freaks at the Intercourse PA “World’s Cheapest Freak Show.”  She was dearly proud of herself.

Lady Lynda and her gentleman friend Seymour Toze decided to check further into “Society for  the Minimally Impaired”  As far as they could tell the charity was a fine upstanding organization.   They telephoned their state Better Business Bureau and their state consumer protection office.

The two soon discover their is no reason why they shouldn’t give some of their hard earned money to the organization.

“Oh Seymour I am so thrilled.  Now at last I can sleep easy knowing those poor dear unfortunates are going to get the help they so desperately need.”

“Yes my dear darling.  I am so glad you are my lady friend. I am so proud of you.”

“What a coincidence I am so proud of you too.” replied Lynda gushing with pride.

“Great minds think alike” quipped Seymour

“Oh you are so darn clever.  I bet Albert Einstein could never of thought of that remark” gushed Lady Lynda

“How right you are.  But enough compliments. Its time now to put our words into action.  We can’t afford to delay.  Its obvious those freaks are desperate for some reputable, trustworthy, charity of service to them.  Thanks to, plus the BBB and our local consumer protection agency we’re on our way to not only to feel pity on them but to actually do something about it.  I feel a catharsis upon me.  I am certain that poor man with the deviated septum, the tone deaf Die Kluge opera singer woman,  the woman with absolutely no sense of direction and the man from Texas with the Texas accent will be forever thankful.  As for that bitch, prick Hermaphrodite well enough said of him/her.

“So do I” responded Lynda.  Now I can sleep easy.”</font></code></font></code>

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