Black Orchid Presides

“Boys, said The Black Orchid to the class,”Ye are naught but little unholy bastards, worms under my feet, and Ye disrespect and ridicule Auntie Carol and Lady Lynda for they are sweet and good willed ladies.  I am no Lady.  I am the Snake come to strike Ye down with my special poison.”

She wore a black leather jump suit that completely conformed to every curve in her lithe, small breasted body and thigh high black leather stilletto boots. In her hand a studded cat of nine tails.  “Auntie Carol and Lady Lynda do not perceive the evil in Ye and think Ye are not but boisterous, young ruffians.  I am The Black Orchid, an Immortal, come to tell Ye and regale Ye with the knowledge that most certainly the fires of hell await Ye.  Burn! Burn! Burn!”  She stood a full Six foot four in her thigh high stilletto boots, and a vision of Boschian hell floated before their startled eyes though they knew not where it came from.

“Chingate, Bruja, eres loca!” enjoined Franciso.

“No, child I am not a witch nor am I crazy nor do I wish to fuck you, you impudent pup!” And she placed the butt of her whip under his chin.

“Holy shit, Francisco, she speak Spanish.  Lady, why is you in a black leather suit. Ya think you is cat woman or some shit.  Why you do him that way wid’ the whip in yo’ hand” said Tyrone whose eyes were big as Eskino pies.

“My dear boy” said Lady Lynda, “She is our guest lecturer for today.  A Friday treat, so to speak.  Oh my heavens, I’m rhyming again.  It’s no crime to rhyme. She’s got carte blanche to do whatever she wants with you. It might well be good for you.”

“And I most certainly concurr.” said Auntie Carol.

“Hijole!” said Franciso,”You all crazy bitches! Aint nobody who’s immortal ‘cept maybe Jesus. This is whack.  Guard, why you no kick Cat Lady out.  She gone threaten me wid’ her damn whip.  You seen what happened.”

“Ay, pobrecito.  Que chiga tienes?  Porque estas tan triste.  Es un chiste. Porque estas tan enojado?” said  The Black Orchid who patted him on the ass.  (Poor litte thing.  What’s the matter. Why are you so sad.   It’s a joke.  Why are you so angry.)

The guard whisled a happy tune and left with room smiling. Francisco noticed she smelled rank of sex and lavender scent, and there was a hostile, obdurate look in large emerald, cat eyes that frightenened him.
There was a fierceness and hostility he had never seen in any woman before. He felt like he small prey to a mountain cat. It unnerved him that she paced back and forth like a caged beast.

She went over to him, rightly identifying him as the leader of the class and cracked him over the knuckles with her whip.
“Dang, she assault me, you seen it Miz Carol and MIz Lynda!”

“We saw nothing untoward, young man,” declared Lady Lynda.

“Quit sleeping in your pathetic, silly, little lives,” snapped The Black Orchid.  Then in slow measured tones she said, “And I mean all of Ye.  Ye are in a false dream.  There is no such thing as ‘a little bad’ or ‘a little evil’.Boys, it grows like a coiled snake inside ye and it eats your life!  Before Ye know it Ye will be a murderer. This school is just a kindergarden for criminals, nothing more.”

“That’s right, Ye are all criminals, and I, The Black Orchid will not coddle your silly asses. I have seen your files and Ye are heartless, young thugs and Ye may not disrespect and ridicule Miz Carol and Miz Lynda because they are nice ladies.  Boys, I am not a nice lady and will not have Ye disrespect my two mortal friends nor me. You think they are two white softies who can’t fight back and Ye are wrong. Well. Ye will not disrespect me.  I am Dicken’s Ghost of Christmas Future and there’s tombstones with all your names on them, and nobody will miss you. I am the grimmest of Reapers with jail time and an early death awaiting you. A cheap, miserly death.

“You think just anybody can be a criminal.  And you’re wrong.  It takes nerves of steel and a gem like hard brilliance to be a successful criminal and not a corner boy. Ye are not diamonds and not everyone can be a gem.  Ye are as common as mud, guppies in a sea of sharks.  Oh, yay, Ye think you can all be successful thugs and overlords and capos. Maybe you will succeed but to what degree.  Being a criminal success means you have to be brilliant just like any other job. How many of you really think you are brilliant, and courageous enough to live on the edge of life?”

“Why not do something anybody can do?  Go to college or a trade school.  Anybody can do that even dummies like you.  Ye just have to apply yourselves like everyone else. Ye dumb pieces of shit, get wise and wake up to LIFE. Ye all cannot be gems but Ye can be damn good pieces of anthracite!
I have bedded, Kings, murderers, and madmen and trust me, Ye are not made of that kind of metal.  Atilla the  Hun, Calligula, Rasutin the Evil Monk, and countless others have shared my bed.

Then the entire became enfused with her musky sex scent and Auntie Carol reached for her smelling salts for the vapors.  Lady Lynda was flushed a bright pink and had the essence of a garden rose.

“Education and hard work, that is the key to a successful life.  Come out of your malevolent dream, young men!”

“Orale, what means this word malevolent?” asked Francisco.

“It means malo, dear,”said The Black Orchid. “Now who would take a nice lashing to show your fealty to me?

Francisco, shirtless was the first in line and the others followed. “Go own on your hands and knees and kiss and lick the toes of my boots,” she commanded. “And thus, shall I strike you on the back with one flick of my whip that Ye shall know the duties of Love.  Worship me as you would none other.” The Black Orchid had her way with them but she was merciful…considering.


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