Lady Lynda’s Fond Memories of Seymour Toze

Lady Lynda relaxed in her boudoir.  The fairly newly married self proclaimed female etiquette exert wore her her long sleeved flannel carnation pink night gown.  The one with the jaunty lace trim.   Seymour  Toze’s spouse purposely languidly laid upon the divan celebrating the Diva that become since being married to her gentleman friend of quite  a few decades.  She deemed herself the height of fortune to be of wedded bliss to her limit  of patience , shoe salesman, fashion photographer.  Lady Lynda loved the sound of her complete name Mrs Lynda Mae Hoffenfetter Toze  She felt so radiant.  The once dowdy woman sighed as she reminesced Her goosebumps she felt when  Toze finally placed that wedding ring on her third finger, right hand.

It was such a genteel occasion at the Temple Enoch Synagogue. Lady Lynda quipped she certainly knew who was knocking at her heart. She was definitely beyond the years she could be knocked up.  She delicately giggled at her humor.He looked so chivalrous in his black tuxedo, starched white shirt and stylish black tie.   Rabbi and motivational speaker Hugh R. Good said wedding vows.

It seemed rather eloquent how he so offered his hand in hers in holy matrimony.  What felicity she felt. At last they were legal.  Now he could do with her much more than play with her ten pretties.  He could be ravenous with her and she’d love every moment.  Of course she would reciprocate too.  Fair is fair she demurely chuckled.

Yes she  sweetly laid on the divan waiting for her man.  Lady Lynda needed not to wait very long. She liked that phrase very long. It conjured up delightful images of her man, Seymour Toze.  Being that he was merely 5’7 she mused she wasn’t referring to his height. She could hardly wait.  She emphasized hard…ly .

Seymour was coming any moment from his free lance fashion photography.  As she pictured his debonair handsome form entering the bedroom she blushed ever so expectantly as she eagerly waited for his entrance.  Yes it would be so very hard to be patient.  She was an Aries and that is the most impatient Star Sign.  But she must be the essence of patience.

At last her husband Seymour Toze sauntered in into with a savoir fair that being married to the lady he loved could muster. Lady Lynda was more than ready for him.  She was eager and comely.  Waiting for him to come to her. At last her wish came true.  The prepping for her etiquette tour was now put on hold.

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