Suggestions for Handling Men’s Braggadocio

Introduction. Lady Lady preps herself for one of her  many important talks.   Its on how a good wife handles her husband’s braggadoio tendencies.  Plus for the record what a lady friend’s behavior toward her gentleman friend with the same issue.  ( End of Intro)
“One thing is to control one’s lips.  Never say you doubt what he is saying.  Never question.  Please tell me you’re not ever going to do  that? Promise.

Please keep in mind that it is a woman’s duty to smile or some similar way to react to what ever her man is telling her about himself.  Even if you secretly think what he tells you is as believable as Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny.    I remember  a former girlfriend of Seymour Toze’s  favorite expression was “Why don’t you make up some more stories”  Believe me she wasn’t referring to his creative writing prowess.   Speaking of prowess when  your man tells you incidents of  his manly prowess,  even if you think its highly unlikely just nod as if to say “Who me question you?”  Emphasis on the word you, slightly elongated.  Oh I never should of put it like that.  Well I hope you get the picture. and I’m hoping its a really enjoyable one!!!

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