Seymour Toze’s Perspective on the Charm School

I, Seymour Toze believe I am in my rights in telling my opinion of my lady friend, Lady Lynda’s part in her woman friend Auntie Carol’s Charm school.  While do think its commendable.  There are I hate to confess, some issues.  For one thing neither of them inquired how I felt.

I’ll tell you how I felt. Ignored.  I knw its their charm school.  But being I am the gentleman friend I think I have the right to some say. I believe I could be of real help masculine viewpoint.   Or at least my viewpoint.. I truly think its quite commendable what my lady friend and her colleague are doing for these urchins. What other ladies would take the time to show them the errors of their ways. Yes proud to be the gentleman friend of Lady Lynda Hottenfetter.
She certainly is a dear.  Plus I adore her in her open toed spiked heels I  feel compelled to mention one of the reasons I love and greatly admire my Lady Lynda.  I do hope they instill the importance of open toed spiked heels in young ladies.

A masculine perspective.  Oh yes a manly point of view.  As I see it ladies should be taught how to please their man.  That to me is the noblest calling of a young lady or any lady for that matter.  I think quite  highly of these two ladies doing their best to instill this important trait in these young ladies. Ladies should be good, appreciative housewives and mothers.  Oh my, why would they strive for anything higher?

Generally speaking, if anybody can teach manners to wayward girls its my Lady Lynda and Auntie Carol.  I’m sure they got the patience to deal with such challanges.  They make Eliza Doolittle  seem like a princess.  Even before she encountered Henry Higgens.  I am so proud of my Lady Lynda, Auntie Carol.</font></code></font></code>

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