Lady Lynda Recollects

Lady Lynda decided to take a break from planning to interview for her agent for her nationwide “The Vital Importance of Proper Etiquette” tour. She blithely began to remember on the universal clubs that her beau invented. He was rather inventive she thought bemusedly. With much candor he created these organizations that literally everybody belongs to. I fondly remember the first one was the birthday suit club. This was quite facile to be member of. The only requirement was / is to wear one’s birthday suit under one’s clothes. The singular exception was if one was in a clothing optional facility or dare I say it nudist camp. Oh how I’m blushing. I do recall though how Seymour and I did do the hanky panky at the Avalon Resort in Paw Paw W.Va. Hmmm telling name as his paws all over me. I dare say. I wonder who can he be. Hmmm someone to should I say to watch over me. I was so proud of my paramour when he nobly suggested how there could be world peace when leaders of no matter what politics, ethnicty, relgion, etc would realize we are all members of the birthday suit club. I still remember how he literally stayed up the entire night with his ingenius idea for world peace. The second group he came up with is the and I must warn my dear readers, on the vulgar side. Its the bathroom goers assn. For third world nations I suppose it would be the elimination society. Yes it is truly universal. Next third a very cardinal note is the needs to be understood club. Fourth is the mistake makers assn. This one is truly one where everyone belongs to. Fifth is I’m only human. Sixth is theI’m not perfect club. Seventh is I can’t do more than my best club. Eigth is I need food and non alcoholic beverages to live club. Eighth is the Within twenty four hours I need enough sleep to get through the day okay. Tenth is I need every once in a while to see a doctor. and tenth is the. Gee what is the tenth. I’m wondering what it could be. Any suggestions here?
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