Lady Lynda Explains High Tea

Lady Lynda in her salmon pink trim wool two piece suit with her lacy blouse. said,  Hello class. She then asked Did you know high tea was started to ward off feelings of hunger from the English working class between lunch and dinner.  She told them, quite  flustered it wasn’t to get the drinkers high.  It was named that because of the time it was officially served.  She explained It started out as a relaxing time for the common people and now has come to be quite a ritual. Its official time is between 3 and 4 pm.
Here are the Instructions You must have the following equipment* Teapot* Creamer* Sugar bowl* Bread and butter plates,Napkin, different cream filled sandwiches, Scones,sweet fruit jams, tea from India, China or Japan

Won’t it be hard to find Chinese or Japenese tea.”
The woman gave the explanation one may but one can delight in English tea.  She suggested English Grey.  Lady Lynda explained Darjheling is an Indian tea.
The dowdy , pleasantly plump woman quickly perused the crowd.  She couldn’t help noticing most of their clothes left ample portions of their nubile bodies exposed.  It seemed as if their tops were cut so low it looked as if one could say that’s a really fashionable top your falling out of.

The instructor to charm school young women  then wheeled into the room, a three tiered English colonial, wild cherry bark wood table, on the bottom level were the pitcher and cups.  On the middle level were the fruit scones and on the top was the fancy silver tray with various wedged shaped tea sandwiches for the partakers to enjoy.

She next mentioned the specific particulars.  That the table be viewed pleasantly.    That only the best serving set will do.  The finger  sandwiches with the crust cut or whatever way removed cut into equilateral triangles.  She asked if equilateral triangles reminded them of math.
The adolescent young women groan.  The last thing they want to hear is something reminding them of school.
The self styled etiquette expert apologized and reminded them to serve nothing but finger food. She added specifically dainty finger food. That one
should be consistently dainty serving high tea.  One needs to be proper every step of the way.

The sandwiches she noted should be of watercress, or salmon and dill, or creamcheese and chives.  She insisted only real butter should be spread.  There should be a creamer too, sugars and if wanted, artificial sweeteners for the tea.  The cups should be designed with Rococo 18th century French royalty cups.  The scones can be various fruit flavors.

She mentioned to prepare the tea , to boil the water.  Then when the guests come, to “put the kettle on”  She continued explaining to boil the water in the tea kettle.  She emphasized it was crucial the water boil to infuse the tea just right, to guarantee full bodied flavor, potency.  Then next she explained to put some into the pot, to warm it.  Next teabags or loose tea.  Pour more water into the teapot.  Use a tea cozy to ensure a warm cup.  Let the cup sit for at least three minutes.  Then let the company enjoy

Written by Lynda Appell

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