Lady Lady Pursues an Agent for Her Etiquette Tour

Lady Lynda decided the next step to complete in order to get on with her nationwide etiquette tour was to pick an agent for it.
Now the major question was how to do it.  It was essential for her interview men and women to be her agent.
She thought bemusedly would she show an affinity, that is  a natural attraction
to any of the interviewees.  She gasped not that kind of affinity. Seymour
Toze would remain persistently her true  paramour.

Her problem was how to tactfully tell the others not hired.She felt completely befuddled and beleaguered.  The one technique she
would use was tact. She reminded herself that tact was an essential part of etiquette.
She would tell everyone she interviewed that they were good people.

Lady Lynda firmly resolved herself to find the best agent she could for her
nationwide “Lady Lynda’s “Get Set Etiquette” tour”.  The man or woman
fortunate enough to be chosen she would insist would obey her rules. They’d
include the following:  Number one  Be completely trustworthy.  Whoever was hired  would
sign a pledge of confidentiality.  There would be no information divulged to anyone
except her permission.  That would be especially true
before a stop on the tour.   There was nothing like suspense to build up the interest of the crowds. Most important
the concerned woman picked would never be rude.  If they ever
talked sharply being interviewed she would politely lead them to the door
She would never lower her standards. She would live up to being Lady LydaBeing charismatic was a major plus but
not a necessity.  She didn’t need charisma with Seymour Toze  her beau.
A certain charm would be a delight though.

Lady Lynda consulted her favorite reference book. Namely her telephone directory.
She flipped through the pages until she found agent agencies.  Much to her chagrin many of the phone numbers were either disconnect or were
busy.  She sighed as she thought of how she would need to make a concerted
effort to sustain her effort.

Now The self atyled manners madam persevered.  With each call she told herself
she was getting closer to her goal.  He or she was there somewhere.
Post is by Lynda Appell

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