Good Trumps Evil Every Time

As Lady Lynda and Auntie Carol entered the boy’s classroom, after confronting Las Cabronas* in the hall, there was a hush in the room and an air of anticipation. Francisco broke the silence.  “So, teach, what happened with Las Cabronas* in the hall?

“One does not address a lady as ‘teach'” intoned Auntie Carol.

“Sorry, Miz Carol and Miz Lynda,  I forgot my manners. Please excuse me for my malfeasance.  My word for today,” said Francisco.

“Very good, Francisco,” said Lady Lynda beaming.

“Guess what, Miz Lynda, ” I decided I want to be a lawyer for my people, los Puertoriquenos.”

“You don’t intend to represent the blacks, homie?” asked Tyrone.

“I intend to represent the disenfranchised masses, Tyrone, people in the ‘hood.  I notice your language is changing, too, vato (guy).”

“I have to, excuse my French, blend in  with the fuckin’ white conquering class so I can reach my manifest destiny. My word for the day.”

“Language,” said Lady Lynda, raising her fist in what used to be the Black Panther’s power salute.

Tyrone practically rolled in the aisles.  “Oh no, she didn’t!”

Young man, I am neither too old nor too afraid to give you as good trouncing.  I will not be mocked!” said Lady Lynda.

Tyrone curled up in a little ball and said in a theatrical way,  “Oh no, don’t beat me, Massa.”
Auntie Carol and Lady Lynda laughed and decided to spoil the child and spare the rod.

“You know,” interjected Tyrone, ” you are the only teachers who taught us the Latin and Greek roots of difficult words and that’s why we remember them.”

Of course, dear,” said Auntie Carol. “It’s part of our master plan to integrate you into society.  Hooligans never become presidents!”

“You think I’d stand a chance at that, Auntie Carol? asked Tyrone.  “I plan to go on to college as well and become a pediatric surgeon.  I want to help little kids.  I already know I’m good with a knife.  I’ve got steady hands.”

“The lessons one learns in life,” said Lady Lynda shaking her head.

“Nothing is written,” said Auntie Carol.  “That is a quote by T.E. Lawrence.

“Who was he?” said Francisco.
“A psycho who made history by uniting the Arab tribes.  You see one can master one’s life by changing one’s disabilities into possiblities,” replied Auntie Carol.

“We get it, Miz Carol,” said Francisco.  “Listen, Miz Carol and Miz Lynda, we don’t think you should have anything to do with Las Cabronas.  They’re a bad ass gang of thieves, hookers, and dealers.  These girls are twice as vicious as we are, and that’s God’s own truth.”

Dear, there’s good in every heart, you just have to nuture it and bring it to fruition.  They’re like plants that have not been watered,” intoned Miz Lynda.

“Miz Lynda, LaLa has no good in her.  She’s a macha piece of excrement.  But, I love her anyhow,” said Francisco.

“Excrement,” said Auntie Carol. “I like it.  Sometimes in polite conversation a lady has occasion to use such a word.  She must have a heart of gold and a tongue of flickering flames.”

The class brust forth in laughter.”Oh, Auntie Carol, you two are such cards, we can’t help laughing.  We apologize.”

“When they made us they broke the mold.  A little bon mot for you,” said Lady Lynda.

“Lookit, those girls are stone killers, some of them” said Francisco.

“And what were you when we came to you a year ago?” asked Lady Lynda.

“Okay, you got a point,” said Francisco.  But LaLa killed her stepfather when she was fourteen.  He molested her since she was nine and then started in on her littlest sister,  That was when he made his biggest mistake in life.  She did him with a butcher knife and even cut off,excuse me, his cock.  Her mother is an alcoholic and didn’t protect her girls, doing everything just so she could have a man in the house.  It was bull shit.  You come from shit you die in shit.  Lala did two years in Juvy and when she came out she was even worse.  She’d cut me too if I cheated.  But I’ll say one thing for La La she’s got a bodacious ass.  Hot as Jalapeno peppers.”

“Oh, the poor dear,” said Lady Lynda.  “No parental love and no adequate role model in her upbringing.  Oh, my heart goes out to her.”

“Oh, she had a role model all right.  It was El Diablo.  I warn you, she’s an evil bitch, and she hates you both already.” said Francisco.

“I’m sure we can help these girls.  All they need is love and understanding,” said Auntie Carol.

“All they need is a whip and a chain.  LaLa is evil incarnate!” exclaimed Francisco.

“Darling boy,  Good always trumps evil.  Wouldn’t you say so Auntie Carol?”

“Oh, yes, dear,  Emphatically so,” said Auntie Carol who made the victory sign with her white gloved hand.
* La Cabrona is the name of the girls club and is in no way a reflection of any nationality, culture, ethnic group, race etc.
CAROL ANN writer of Poems of Thunder (Noir &amp; Whimsey) @ &amp; &amp;</font></code>

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