Tis the Season to be Jolly. December Post

Tis  the Season to Be Jolly.  This is the Black Orchid. My mother, Lady Wintermere Snow, loved the Season.  I love the colors bursting out from everywhere, green, red, gold & silver and I have the same kind of feeling for Christmas my mother had, a prolonged and powerful sense of bliss.  The image of gray geese flying overhead reflected in the icy nothingness of the pond below where golden Carp swim. A speckled fawn crossing a snow kissed field.  The snow becoming orange like the last flame of a dying sun. The  sound of Lou Rawls singing, “It’s Christmas Time, Pretty Baby.” And piles of turkey and ham with conrbread dressing. Mince pie, cherry pie & pumpkin pie.  I feel I am part of all people during Christmas.  Even, you, Ye Silly Bitches.


This is by Carol Bond.


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About Carol Bond

I, auntiecarol69, am a poetry and prose writer. My comic Novella, CATFISH JOE is on Barnes & Noble.com, Amazon.com & iUniverse.com. I have two other unpublished properties, a book of Noir Poems of Tainted Love, a full length novel (LA GITANA) that is about a Machiavellian 17th century gypsy who becomes courtezan to Louis XIV, the Sun King. I got my degree in English & anthropology. It has been as useful as a bullet to the head. I write The Black Orchid, Wanda Lust a & Auntie Carol. Lynda or Lady Lynda creates the Lady Lynda & Seymour Toze part of the BLOG. A brilliant person and my co-writer, Lynda got her degree in art history. We both try not to get historical (hysterical).
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