Society’s Niciety 3

However what if its you and him and there’s absolutely nothing blocking you?  Of course you could task the easy way out. Simply say excuse me and walk out the door.  Once out of his office, scratch away. Providing noone can see you.  But if you’re looking for a challenge, some delicious thrills in your life.
Well here’s what I ‘d do.   I would suddenly yell there’s a  black widow spider , way up high on his ceiling.  The higher the better, so he’ll spend more time looking for the nasty creature.  Meantime you scratch away.  If you get caught, simply say you were  adjusting your girdle.  Even if you’re not wearing one.  Like he knows?

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About Carol Bond

I, auntiecarol69, am a poetry and prose writer. My comic Novella, CATFISH JOE is on Barnes &, & I have two other unpublished properties, a book of Noir Poems of Tainted Love, a full length novel (LA GITANA) that is about a Machiavellian 17th century gypsy who becomes courtezan to Louis XIV, the Sun King. I got my degree in English & anthropology. It has been as useful as a bullet to the head. I write The Black Orchid, Wanda Lust a & Auntie Carol. Lynda or Lady Lynda creates the Lady Lynda & Seymour Toze part of the BLOG. A brilliant person and my co-writer, Lynda got her degree in art history. We both try not to get historical (hysterical).
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