Lady Lynda’s Reflection on her True Love

I  remember when we knew each other in high school.  We were students at one of those  upper class prep schools on the main line.  For those who don’t know the mainline refers to a rather ritzy high class group of towns that are part of the western suburbs of Phila, PA.  Its called the mainline because one of the train routes goes through it.  The route ends at Paoli  It was either that or Malvern. Please believe me Paoli was a much better choice.    Paoli is famed for its farming school.  Malvern for  who knows what.   So here we were both students.   Our claim to fame was our graduation class’s speaker was then Phila PA Republican city council member Thatcher Longstreth was the guest orator. Picture David Letterman sans smark  with bowtie, argyle socks, conservative grey wool suit  In other words tall , lanky, charmingly goofy.
Seymore ran for student council.  He unfortunately lost.  His fellow students didn’t appreciate his quirkiness.  Fortunately my toes were so succulent to Toze.  Yes he did like the rest of me too.   He looked like Clark Kent which was ironic since he was such a huge Superman fan.  By huge I mean enthusiastic, not size.   Yes in case you’re wondering I’m referring to his build and height.   He grew to be 5’7″ medium build. And I adored every inch You dirty mind you.  I am too much a lady to write of that certain organ.  Speaking of huge. …before he came to the prep school he knew a fellow boy in Allentown who was around 5’8 close to 300 lbs.  One of the school’s counselor’s was  such a dear to guide him in his career choices.  I mean that must have been his motivation. He told the boy, Mike, he’d never need to worry about a job as long as the side show existed.  Tears well in my eyes as I fondly recall how he so reassuringly reassured Mike about his employment endeavors.

My sweet, loving Seymore Toze never changed much. Oh sure he did look somewhat older but he His looks didn’t change much.   He looked at least to me, when I first laid eyes on him, like a teenaged Clark Kent.  With the dark brown somewhat wavy hair parted on his left side.  His deep sable brown eyes,  his rugged straight nose and his sleek straight nose.   His features were pleasant without being wimpy.  But most of all I loved his kind, intelligent expression with his mirthful sparkling eyes.
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